HelloKitty (3 of 3)

Well hello, everyone! I’m back and ready to give you more and try pumping out everything I can muster while caring for two kids. If you are a mom, then you can certainly relate to what I would call “block time organizing”. Whatever time you have between feeding, playing, teaching, bathing, kissing bumps and bruises, and […]

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As you can see, I’m on a bit of a craft hiatus. However, I’ve been trying lots of new recipes and I believe my little family is enjoying it quite a bit! Yesterday, as you know, it was Independence Day.  Hope you knew that… And if not, then What the heck’s up with that?! Anyways, I’m a […]

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Veggie Meatloaf (1 of 1)

This veggie meatloaf recipe was another great find from my regular online browsing for healthy but good recipes. Its pretty lean because it uses turkey and it’s packed with zucchini and peppers. The red and yellow peppers give it the most beautiful color. I’m tellin’ ya, you’ll feel led to take a picture. And Oh Lordy, […]

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JenningsShoot (12)

Most of you don’t know this, but around the age of about 9 due to some family problems my siblings and I were separated. My oldest sister and I moved to live with my aunt, and my two youngest sister were adopted by another family. I hadn’t seen my two youngest sisters for 8-10 years […]

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